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What is medical professional liability insurance?

Today there is growing demand for health care professionals. This is due to increasing number of people falling sick. As the medical expenses are high, patients demand best in terms of services and treatments. To make sure that the patients do not file a case on them or take advantage of them by claiming false claims most of them prefer to have medical professional liability insurance. Depending on the profession this liability insurance is also termed as professional indemnity insurance which protects the medical practitioner against any potential negligence claims that can be made by the clients or any patients. This is an additional insurance coverage and is different from general liability insurance which only responds to property damage, bodily injury or any advertising injury claim.

We have often seen that the biggest hazard of being a medical practitioner is that they have to often face claims for negligence and malpractice. Hence to protect them from these kinds of practices lawsuits it is very important that they have medical professional liability insurance. As every lawsuit this also comprise of plaintiff and defendant. The patient or anyone on behalf of the patient is the plaintiff and the medical practitioner is the defendant. Sometimes the entire hospital, clinic or any medical setup may be defendants depending upon the gravity and situation of the case. These can include the entire organization which involves nurses, dentists and therapists. These trials are very similar to the other cases of torts.

Who needs medical professional liability insurance?

With our day to day life becoming highly commercial most of us are getting an insurance cover to protect when they are in troubled water. A patient can sue the medical professional in case there is negligence on his part or when there is intentional effort to harm the clients. So to safeguard themselves all the medical professionals like nurses, dentists, physicians and psychologists utilize this insurance. Many people have a wrong myth that medical professional liability insurance policy is only for doctors and surgeons but it is also for the laboratories that carry out medical tests. All these professionals and places are quite likely to be charged for malpractices hence by having this insurance they can bear the brunt of an event that can cause problems. Today professional liability insurance is also available for architects and lawyers.

medical professional liability insurance

Since the events of malpractice are rising, medical professional liability insurance is essential. But this is the most expensive type of insurance and the premiums are charged depending on the type of medicine practiced and the type of amount or coverage needed. It also depends that the policy is for a group or an individual. There are various plans available with different coverage and limits. Many insurance companies offer this policy but due to the rising number of cases against medical practitioners many of these companies now refrain from providing this insurance.

Since the insurance companies have to occur high legal expenses in such cases they have stopped providing this insurance policy. These companies offer insurance coverage to healthcare professionals, healthcare businesses, small groups, and schools of allied health.


Though most of the doctors and physicians do not require medical professional liability insurance, it is better to have one as a safety net incase such instance occurs.