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All about professional liability insurance in California

In this litigious world today all the professionals are susceptible to legal lawsuits. Hence most of them are opting for professional liability insurance which provides them with financial protection from lawsuits relating to their problems. So if you are a resident of California find the best professional liability insurance in California to protect you against any unknown. There are many insurance companies that provide this insurance to doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers and other professionals. It is the duty of the insurance company to defend the insured. Today there are many online insurance companies. They are convenient and provide the customers with discounts and ease of use.

List of insurance companies that provide professional liability insurance in California:

Camico: This name is derived from California Accountants Mutual Insurance Company. The company was formed in 1986 to facilitate the professionals in that state to have affordable insurance. It operates in 45 states and offers professional liability malpractice insurance, employment practice liability insurance, and practice and risk management services to CPA firms. They offer stable rates to the firms of all sizes. They provide insurance coverage of $2 million for smaller firms and $3 million and above for mid size to large companies. They offer best services to CPA’s through discussions, risk assessment and action to help them to adapt to more volatile market place to help them to grow their businesses.

HPSO: this company has 30 years of experience in providing professional liability insurance and risk management information to wide array of health care and counseling professionals. They offer best in terms of service and convenience as you are able to service your account through their integrated phone system or through the online account. They offer coverage for professionals for 24 hours a day irrespective of they being on the job or off duty. Each claim professional liability coverage is up to $ 1,000,000 and the aggregate coverage offered is $ 3,000,000. Their policy also includes occurrence based coverage, defense cost, license protection, deposition representation and defendant expense benefit.

Fenner &Esler Insurance: the company was founded by Henry L. Fenner in 1923. Today they are the largest providers of professional liability insurance to architects, engineers, and the Built Environment. They have the right knowledge, experience and expertise to provide comprehensive, cost effective risk management. They treat clients of all size with same dignity and respect by guiding them to pay for right amount of coverage. They are industry leaders in providing customized coverage plans for these professionals and their businesses. They deliver best services to help their clients to manage and plan for all the potential risks to which their businesses are exposed to.

professional liability insurance in california

Today most of the professionals are opting for this insurance as it acts as a safety net to protect them from any kind of risks. Professional liability insurance California protects lawyers, architects, engineers, nurses and medical practitioners in the event that a partner, client or third party that claims to have been financially harmed or otherwise while providing professional services. To avail this policy the professional has to pay the insurance company premium each year for the coverage they have opted for.

So to safeguard you personal and business interest it is wise to buy professional liability insurance California.